Đáp án bài tập câu Passive voice

Ngữ pháp cơ bản

Dưới đây là đáp án của phần bài tập câu bị động – Passive Voice.


Đáp Án

  1. I buys flowers for the flat.
  2. My father washes his car every week.
  3. Ms. Nga sells vegetables in the market.
  4. My mother cleaned the rooms yesterday.
  5. I fixed the computer last night.
  6. Customers drank a lot of cups of tea in this coffee shop.
  7. Mai has watered the plants.
  8. Someone has taken my money.
  9. I will meet you at the airport at 7am.
  10. I can wash the floor tonight.
  11. Hoa will send the information for you soon.
  12. My family built this house in 2010.
  13. My sister might cook dinner.
  14. I had cleaned all the garden before the storm.
  15. Ba gave a bar of chocolate to Lan.
  16. They offered the job to Nam
  17. The boss showed the new computer to John.
  18. I am drinking a cup of milk tea.
  19. A mass of gases covers around our planet.
  20. The Beatles wrote “A Hard Day’s Night”.
  1. Flowers are bought for the flat (by me).
  2. My father’s car is washed by him every week.
  3. Vegetables are sold in the market by Ms. Nga.
  4. The rooms were cleaned yesterday (by my mother).
  5. The computer was fixed last night (by me).
  6. A lot of cups of tea are drunk in this coffee shop by customers.
  7. The plants have been watered by Mai.
  8. My money has been taken.
  9. You will be met at the airport at 7am.
  10. The floor can be washed tonight.
  11. The information will be sent for you soon by Hoa.
  12. This house was built in 2010 by my family.
  13. Dinner might be cooked by my sister.
  14. All the garden had been cleaned before the storm.
  15. A bar of chocolate was given to Lan by Ba./ Lan was given a bar of chocolate by Ba.
  16. The job was offered to Nam./ Nam was offered the job.
  17. The new computer was showed to John by the boss./ John was showed the new computer by the boss.
  18. A cup of milk tea is drinking.
  19. Our planet is covered by a mass of gases.
  20.  “A Hard Day’s Night” was written by the Beatles.